MORE TO Come / TO be continued

Welcome to the making process of the second book. Again, it's about time. Some time. Sometimes, never, often and always. On this page you can follow me building an archive, which will be the foundation of the actual printed book later this year.


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These things make the world great to me:

Green apples
Swimming pools
and the benefit of home

(Former topic:
I would like to tell you about.../ I wanted to write about...:
BUT Reconsider; the white sport socks. The dogs barking. The plastic furniture. 
The green fields. The bear driving a car up a mountain. 
Melted cheese. Road trips. Bad friends. Cream colour. Growing old.
Speedboats. Cracked walls. Hunger. Televisions. Chasing lights. Public eyes. 

Mind fucks. Home sickness. Screaming cities. Head space. Promises and wheel chairs.)

  Rotterdam, 2017 Yesterday's Gone - Flag

Rotterdam, 2017
Yesterday's Gone - Flag

Attachtment 2


We all know this is not how it went. 

We were living from message to message. When we received one, the waiting on the next one started. 

Je kunt altijd proberen dingen weer recht te zetten. 

The Hamster Ballet 

| | | \

Every new minute is just an interruption.

Everything is an investment / or a build up trust.   

Marilou Klapwijk Don't believe in time.png

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Possible book titles...

- More to come
- To be continued
- Coming Up

... something is coming along



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This is all we know 

- Janfamily

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There is no attachment 7

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I had no idea this was happening today.

All information is subject to change. 

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Chips tussen je tussenbord


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How to feel at home

the time it takes to feel at home_marilou klapwijk.png

Four years ago I moved to a new home.
- It was an unexpected move and I had trouble finding my way.
To speed up the process of feeling at home I tried to embrace the new place by exploring it through my photo camera. 
(Because that was the only way I could think of to put the place in another perspective.) 
I started documenting all parts of the house, even the smallest spaces, corners and imperfections. 
And I discovered how my stuff was filling up the space, how the place looked like me, but wasn't me. Until the moment I stopped photographing it.
And got busy with other things. 

  The moment I got home this kiwi represented the time I was out of the house. 

The moment I got home this kiwi represented the time I was out of the house.