If there was an
standing by the

At least
someone would
have noticed
the riverside.  

In a hallway
decorated with
little blue and white tiles

A small television
standing on a white
plastic table
a little crooked

The TV is black
or very dark grey

Showing a green field
with 23 moving little dots

It seems to be a hot day
A little fan blows and turns.

We cheer carefully



Walking aside the road

Walking up the mountain

A blue Volvo passes
A brown bear is behind the wheel
He is going to buy some T-shirts
He seems not really happy about it,

nor sad


Standing on a
wooden platform
A parasol flutters.

On a chair something
pink sticks on the seat

A wrapping paper of an ice cream
was just caught by the wind

Waves in the sea are getting bigger.
Everybody left

It’s dinnertime.