As Far As I Can Reach

Group exhibition | Quartair, Den haag

How deep, how high, how fast and how far can we go? 
Shall we talk about the path,
which lies ahead of us? 
About the work we want to create and the dreams we have.
We wonder. What are the possibilities in our everyday lives?
Can you push the sky? 
The magic of the mundane only reflects when you put it out there. 

The desire to always reach for the higher is the central theme of the group exhibition As Far As I Can Reach. Based on this theme, the five participating creators made new works for this occasion. Although their work and methods are completely different, they all have one similar fascination: the magic of everyday scenes. From your tears smashing on concrete to waterfalls swallowed by soaked pillows.

The exhibition was created at the invitation of Quartair, The Hague. Marilou Klapwijk was given the opportunity to determine the theme and the participating artists for this collaboration.

Participating artist:

Mike Moonen
Liza Wolters
Sophia Den Breems
Gordon Meuleman
Marilou Klapwijk

Quartair, Contemporary Art Initiatives
Toussaintkade 55, Den Haag
8 - 17th of June 2018 | 12 - 6 pm

As Far As I Can Reach-23.jpg
As Far As I Can Reach-18.jpg
As Far As I Can Reach-115.jpg
 Foto's door Daan Loeff

Foto's door Daan Loeff